[rust-dev] [ANN] Brooklyn.rs

Steve Klabnik steve at steveklabnik.com
Mon Jun 9 10:24:23 PDT 2014

Hey all!

So, I've moved to NYC, and one of the things I'm gonna miss the most
about SF is they Bay Area Rust Meetup... so let's do this!

Once my DNS resolves, the site will exist at http://www.brooklyn.rs .
Until then, you can check it out at

TL;DR: The first meeting will be Saturday, June 21, at 1pm. I know
weekends are hard for some people, so I plan on moving it to a weekday
later, but Saturday hacking is a special thing to me[1] So the first
one will be there. No talks, just hacking on some code. Keep it nice
and simple at first.

I hope to see you all there!

1: http://words.steveklabnik.com/keep-saturdays-sacred

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