[rust-dev] how is Rust bootstrapped?

Zoltán Tóth zo1980 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 03:12:24 PDT 2014

My question is rather theoretical, from the libre-and-open-source-software
point of view.

Bootstrapping needs an already existing language to compile the first
executable version of Rust.

I read that this was OCaml at some time. I do not have OCaml on my machine,
but still managed to build from a cloned Rust repo. The documentation says
that building requires a C++ compiler. These suggest that the project moved
from OCaml to C++.

But there are also some texts on the web and in the source that suggests
that stage0 is actually not compiled from the source repository, but is
downloaded as a binary snapshot. If this latter is the case, then can
someone compile a suitable stage0 from [C++|OCaml] source himself?
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