[rust-dev] Generic Database Bindings

Vladimir Matveev dpx.infinity at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 05:29:31 PDT 2014

There is also rustsqlite[1].

It would be great to have generic bindings for databases, like in Go or in Java. In Rust, however, reflective approaches of these won’t work because Rust lacks structural reflection. I guess, generic bindings will have to follow type classes approach, like Encodable/Decodable (maybe even use them, taking advantage of automatic deriving).

  [1]: https://github.com/linuxfood/rustsqlite

On 08 июня 2014 г., at 16:19, Steve Klabnik <steve at steveklabnik.com> wrote:

> There isn't no. If you want to build a binding, just do it! The only
> one I'm really aware of right now is
> https://github.com/sfackler/rust-postgres
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