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Kang Seonghoon someone at mearie.org
Thu Jun 5 23:12:38 PDT 2014

I hope you aren't offended with this reply, but as Brian Anderson
pointed out, Rust is a programming language being converged for the
eventual backward compatibility ("1.0"). Any major feature suggestion
or even the full proposal at this stage requires a good support from
developers and community, and has to be formally written in the form
of RFCs.

I'd also like to point out that Rust's type system (and many static
analyses) is already quite complex to design and verify. Many new
features to the type system are not orthogonal to the existing
features and need much efforts to harmonize. This is why the backward
compatibility requirement for 1.0 is important; we don't want to
simply throw the features out, we need a stable platform to work with.
Please keep this in mind when suggesting features. If you are willing
to prove that the features are not *that* hard to integrate, you can
always fork the language to show your points.

2014-06-06 15:00 GMT+09:00 Suminda Dharmasena <sirinath at sakrio.com>:
> Hi,
> The concept of Rust is definitely appealing at a high level. One area that
> can improve is the Type System. Instead of ignoring the developments and
> research in this area please find a way to embrace it.
> Also a proper active objects based OO system would be appealing.
> Suminda
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