[rust-dev] Building rustc @ 1GB RAM?

Igor Bukanov igor at mir2.org
Thu Jun 5 11:25:10 PDT 2014

Have you considered to use zram? Typically the compression for
compiler memory is over a factor of 3 so that can be an option as the
performance degradation under swapping could be tolerable. A similar
option is to enable zswap, but as the max compression with it is
effectively limited by factor of 2, it may not be enough to avoid

On 5 June 2014 20:13, Ian Daniher <explodingmind at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1GB is close-ish to the 1.4GB last reported (over a month ago!) by
> http://huonw.github.io/isrustfastyet/mem/.
> Are there any workarounds to push the compilation memory down? I'm also
> exploring distcc, but IRFY has a bit of semantic ambiguity as to whether or
> not it's 1.4GB simultaneous or net total.
> Thanks!
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> Ian
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