[rust-dev] Error while trying to split source code into multiple files

Nicholas Bishop nicholasbishop at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 15:02:54 PDT 2014

Here's example code:

mod foo;
fn main() {

pub fn bar() {

mod bar;
pub fn foo() {

This fails:
$ rust-nightly-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/rustc -v
rustc 0.11.0-pre-nightly (064dbb9 2014-06-01 00:56:42 -0700)
host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

$ rust-nightly-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/rustc main.rs
foo.rs:1:5: 1:8 error: cannot declare a new module at this location
foo.rs:1 mod bar;
foo.rs:1:5: 1:8 note: maybe move this module `foo` to its own
directory via `foo/mod.rs`
foo.rs:1 mod bar;
foo.rs:1:5: 1:8 note: ... or maybe `use` the module `bar` instead of
possibly redeclaring it
foo.rs:1 mod bar;
error: aborting due to previous error

I tried the first suggestion (moving foo.rs to foo/mod.rs), this fails too:
foo/mod.rs:1:5: 1:8 error: file not found for module `bar`
foo/mod.rs:1 mod bar;

The second suggestion, which I took to mean replacing "mod bar" with
"use bar", also failed:
brokencrate/foo.rs:1:5: 1:8 error: unresolved import: there is no `bar` in `???`
brokencrate/foo.rs:1 use bar;
brokencrate/foo.rs:1:5: 1:8 error: failed to resolve import `bar`
brokencrate/foo.rs:1 use bar;
error: aborting due to 2 previous errors

I'm guessing that this failure is related to this RFC:

Unfortunately the RFC describes "a common newbie mistake" but not what
a newbie might do to correct this mistake. I also looked through
but didn't see this question directly addressed.


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