[rust-dev] Migrating libs out of rust-lang/rust

Simon Sapin simon.sapin at exyr.org
Wed Jul 30 12:55:59 PDT 2014

On 30/07/14 15:59, Alex Crichton wrote:
>>> We plan to implement any necessary infrastructure to ensure that the
>>> crates
>>> move out of the rust repository maintain the same level of quality they
>>> currently have.
>> Will these crates’ documentation be available online?
> At this time there are no plans for this, but we're certainly open to
> options!

This sounds like a significant regression :/

> The need for these is a little less pressing now that `cargo
> doc` is implemented, but this is still a very important aspect to
> these crates.

Yeah, we can easily have Travis run `cargo doc`. The question is where 
to host the result.

> There's a cron job running which will trigger each build each night
> after the nightlies have finished building, and the .travis.yml script
> for these repos are all wired to nightlies rather than the PPA.

Could the source code for this cron job be published, with instructions 
on how to get API keys or whatever Travis wants? I tried 
https://github.com/patrickkettner/travis-ping , but only got a 
mysterious error messages and didn’t feel like debugging that code.

Simon Sapin

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