[rust-dev] Migrating libs out of rust-lang/rust

Alex Crichton alex at crichton.co
Wed Jul 30 07:59:53 PDT 2014

>> We plan to implement any necessary infrastructure to ensure that the
>> crates
>> move out of the rust repository maintain the same level of quality they
>> currently have.
> Will these crates’ documentation be available online?

At this time there are no plans for this, but we're certainly open to
options! The need for these is a little less pressing now that `cargo
doc` is implemented, but this is still a very important aspect to
these crates.

> Long term, I’d like Rust to have an official package index, like Python’s
> PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/

We would as well! This will manifest itself in the form of a central
package registry which cargo will also use for downloading remote
packages and such.

>> To this extent, the current process for moving a crate out of the standard
>> distribution will be as follows:
>> 1. A member of the core team will be contacted to create the repository
>>    `rust-lang/$foo`.
>> 2. A PR will be made against `rust-lang/$foo`
> I’ve just checked: GitHub does not allow forking (and therefore making PRs
> to) an empty repository, so the person creating the repository will have to
> at least check the "Initialize this repository with a README" checkbox to
> make a dummy first commit.

Aha, thanks!

>> 3. A PR will be made against `rust-lang/rust` which will flag the relevant
>>     library as `#[deprecated]` with a message pointing at `rust-lang/$foo`
>> In order to ensure that these repositories continue to stay up to date, we
>> will have the following process in place:
>> 1. Each repository will be hooked up to Travis CI and will be built each
>>     night once the new nightlies are available.
> How will this be achieve? http://www.rust-ci.org/ does it, but I’d like to
> see something more "official" and tied to the rust-lang.org binary nightlies
> rather than the Ubuntu PPA.

There's a cron job running which will trigger each build each night
after the nightlies have finished building, and the .travis.yml script
for these repos are all wired to nightlies rather than the PPA.

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