[rust-dev] [ANN] Rust ported to DragonFlyBSD

Valerii Hiora valerii.hiora at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 07:58:16 PDT 2014


> Also when using the --target approach, I always had to wait for hours
> until it finished the Linux (host) build before it started to build
> the target.

  Yep, `--target` approach can be extremely exhausting. One pretty
useful dirty trick in this case is to build it once for host and play a
lot with `touch -r`. It might be used to recompile only for target when
you have changes in mk/* or src/lib*. For example, if you've changed
src/libstd/somefile.rs, you can later on do:

  `touch -r src/libstd/lib.rs src/libstd/somefile.rs`

  If libstd was compiled successfully before it is required also to
delete stamp:

  `rm build_dir/host_triple/stage2/lib/rustlib/target_triple/lib/stamp.std`

  and `make -j4` it again, just for target, no waiting for host :-)

  Used it a lot while porting for iOS and while this message is
definitely late for Dragonfly - I hope it will be useful for others who
might be interested in porting to platforms which are easier accessible
through `--target` approach.



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