[rust-dev] [ANN] Rust ported to DragonFlyBSD

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Wed Jul 30 06:44:18 PDT 2014

Am 29.07.2014 um 20:37 schrieb Rob Latham:
 > "After trying to cross-compile Rust by specifying --target
 > x86_64-pc-dragonfly-elf to Rust’s own configure script and spending
 > numerous hours just to note that the build fails"...
 > Howdy, fellow crazy cross-compiling person.  Did you by any chance
 > come across my message from a week or so ago?  One response seemed
 > likely to help you if you were encountering a specific kind of build
 > failure:
 > https://mail.mozilla.org/pipermail/rust-dev/2014-July/010827.html
 > what other errors were you encountering with the --target approach?

When building the related C libraries you also need to specify the
--sysroot to point to the DragonFly tree, otherwise it's building the
libraries targeted at DragonFly but with Linux header files, which
clearly is *wrong*. Actually I wasn't able to cross-compile LLVM. Also
when using the --target approach, I always had to wait for hours until
it finished the Linux (host) build before it started to build the
target. I think I was just waiting too much time for compiles to finish.
If someone else figures out how to cross-compile to DragonFly with the
--target approach I am happy to know :).



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