[rust-dev] Migrating libs out of rust-lang/rust

Ilya Dmitrichenko errordeveloper at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 03:15:34 PDT 2014

Ok, I got the basic going with a temporary for of `libsemver` here:
  - https://travis-ci.org/errordeveloper/rust-libsemver/builds/31217706
  - https://github.com/errordeveloper/rust-libsemver

Few questions:

  - should I bother with enabling OS X beta on Travis?
  - what naming convetion we gonna use? shall it be `rust-lib{name}`?

On 30 July 2014 10:44, Simon Sapin <simon.sapin at exyr.org> wrote:

> Long term, I'd like Rust to have an official package index, like Python's
> PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/

I though Cargo had an early version of this... Although, I don't think
this is even needed. People should just use git (or other SCM) in a
decent fashion, with a branch policy and tagging. If you have a
central index, it's a point of failure and you may end-up with
bullshit like mirroring.

> PyPI provides free hosting for documentation of Python projects. I'd like
> Rust to have something like this too. GitHub Pages works and exists now, but
> I'm not a fan of generated files in the source repository, even in a
> separate branch.

I think godoc.org (http://godoc.org/) is pretty sweet, although it
doesn't handle revisions, as I can see. Well, neither does `go get`.
Anyhow, I think rdoc.info (http://rdoc.info/) is probably the most
extensive implementation of an auto-magic docs site.

> I've just checked: GitHub does not allow forking (and therefore making PRs
> to) an empty repository, so the person creating the repository will have to
> at least check the "Initialize this repository with a README" checkbox to
> make a dummy first commit.

Yeah, could someone create empty repos for all the libs we agreed to pull out?

> How will this be achieve? http://www.rust-ci.org/ does it, but I'd like to
> see something more "official" and tied to the rust-lang.org binary nightlies
> rather than the Ubuntu PPA.

Hm... I think we should complete the splitting part, and then look back at this.

Perhaps, in the library repos, we can create tags with revision of the
compiler that it passed the test on. Crago, in turns, could pick
lookup these tags and checkout the relevant version. How do people
find this idea? Does Cargo even handle compiler versions at the
moment? If not, it's certainly an important feature to add.

> Regarding documentation on GitHub pages mentioned earlier, the script doing
> it looks like this:
> https://github.com/servo/rust-cssparser/blob/331e5695dc/.travis.yml

I pick some bit of yours into mine and we can hopefully come up with a
simple template for everyone.

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