[rust-dev] std::num::pow() is inadequate / language concepts

Christoph Husse thesaint1987 at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 25 13:04:06 PDT 2014

> How can you disagree about what I'm doing?

I don't. I disagree with that: " I never accept compromises, this is
the way how to develop magnificient software"
Because it's not. Unless you use magnificient only in academic context.

> I don't care about the capabilities of other languages, I don't use a language if it is not appropriate.

C++ is not appropiate for almost any task there is. I am using C++
quite a lot, because at my work, C++ is the right tool for the job.
But there aren't many jobs for which this is true.

> No. Everyone is talking about tons of problems, but which ones?

I am sure some language designers can give you more insight. I lack
the convincing arguments.

> But even in C++ not overloading is the problem - and I have about

It's not so much about wether or not overloading could be used in rust
without causing really painful issues. The question is if overlaoding
fits into the language's design principles. Overloading is not
necessary. It's just one of many ways that lead to Rome.

> This depends on how your are doing software design. Impossible for me to use Java.

Some of the greatest minds in the industry use Java for excellent
software design.
People read code, most of the time. People need to work with code
other people wrote most of the time. Agile projects need good tooling,
speaking of refactoring, code coverage, code formatting, coding
standards, build tools, packaging, dependency managment in particular.
C++ gives you almost nothing in any of those. C++ is a huge pain in
the ass in most regards. Unless you really need it to get the job
done, it's the worst choice there is.
A language is about more than just "what you consider beautiful,
etc."... It's about wether it allows agile, fast paced development
across diverse teams and average programmers can produce code anyone
else can read without getting eye cancer. That does not apply to C++
at all.

> I cannot see that overloading is horrible or complicated. It's another

No, but it might be unnecessary.

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