[rust-dev] Using 'mod' for test code

Nathan Typanski ntypanski at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 13:10:29 PDT 2014

Hey Allen,

I think you've got it backwards. You shouldn't be importing the
regular module from the test one, but hiding the test modules within
the regular one - behind a `#[cfg(test)]` directive.

To apply this to your example, in `myprogram.rs` you should have a line

    mod testprogram;

and then in the test file, put `#[test]` above your individual tests.
Then you compile `myprogram.rs` and, when compiled with `--test`, it
compiles in the test code.

Another, arguably more common practice, is to write

    mod tests {
        use super::{foo, bar};

        fn test_foo_is_bar {
            assert_eq!(foo(), bar());

For more on testing, check out


Have fun learning Rust!


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