[rust-dev] Debugging rust for a newbie

Huon Wilson dbau.pp at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 01:02:42 PDT 2014

It is unlikely to be a lifetimes thing; far, far more likely to be a 
"normal" infinite recursion. The size of the stack frame of each 
function is fixed at compile time, so the way to blow the stack is by 
calling a lot of functions deeply, e.g. it's not possible to write a 
loop that places more and more objects on the stack (not in safe code, 

You can get a backtrace by running the test in a conventional debugger, 
e.g. `gdb --args ./tester produces_a_move`, then type `run`. When it 
hits the abort, gdb will freeze execution and you can run `backtrace` to 
see the function call stack, to see what is recursing deeply.

You can make rustc emit debug info which makes gdb far more useful, by 
compiling with `-g` or, equivalently, `--debuginfo=2`. (Depending on 
your platform, 'lldb' may be better.)

If all else fails, you can fall back to println debugging, e.g.

     fn gen_move(&self, ...) -> Move {
         println!("calling gen_move");

         // ...


Just glancing over your code, it looks like there's mutual recursion 
between Playout::run and McEngine::gen_move:

- McEngine::gen_move calls Playout::run 
- Playout::run calls Playout::gen_move 
- Playout::gen_move calls McEngine::gen_move 


On 23/07/14 17:42, Urban Hafner wrote:
> Hey there,
> I'm still quite new to Rust. Until now I was able to fix all my bugs 
> by writing tests and/or randomly adding lifetime parameters to keep 
> the compiler happy. Now I've hit my first stack overflow. I assume 
> it's due to the fact that I've screwed up the lifetimes and the 
> objects live too long although I'm not even sure about that. Now my 
> question is: How do I debug this? Is there a way to figure out how 
> long objects live? Or how would one go about debugging this?
> Oh, if you're interested in the failing code: 
> https://github.com/ujh/iomrascalai/pull/46
> Cheers,
> Urban
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