[rust-dev] no error or warning when an unknown attribute is used

Christoph Husse thesaint1987 at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 16 07:22:59 PDT 2014

> Ben, your guess was right. I remove the `json::encode` call and got
> `warning: unused attribute` and fixing the attribute name gets rid of
> the warning. I suppose this is a downside of the plugin system...

I think adding "-D unused-attribute" will do the trick too (might not
be spelled correctly though). It should issue an error instead of a
warning. If it doesn't then probably there should be some fix, in
which all analysis passes are still executed at some point and all
errors (at least) collected, like it is done with most existing
compilers. Or some other reordering, like running certain "plugin"
passes before others etc.

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