[rust-dev] 7/31 SF Bay Area Meetup

Erick Tryzelaar erick.tryzelaar at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 12:20:06 PDT 2014

Hello Oxidizers!

I'm pleased to announce the next Bay Area Rust Meetup on Thursday July 31,
2014, at Hack Reactor in San Francisco. Sign up here to attend:


This meetups theme is based on the amazing work at building Rust's web
infrastructure. We have talks across the  the entire web stack. Here is are
lineup of speakers:

• Jonathan Reem and Zach Pomerantz: Iron <https://github.com/iron/iron>
middleware framework

• Steven Fackler: The design and a bit of implementation of rust-postgres
<https://github.com/sfackler/rust-postgres/>. I'll also briefly go over
rust-postgres-macros which leverages Rust's compiler plugin support to add
some static safety checks to SQL statements.

• Christoph Burg: Floor <https://github.com/floor-org/floor> web server

• James Rowe: Why you should make a Web Framework in Rust

Since we're having the event in a new location, we'll be funding dinner
ourselves tonight, so please bring a couple dollars to help chip in for the
food. We also hope to record the sessions for Air Mozilla and stream them
live online, but we're figuring out the details for that. I'll send out
more once we figure out setup out.

Finally, please make sure to grab a visitor's pass from the reception desk
when you first get here.

See you then!
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