[rust-dev] Impending change in RPATH behavior when linking to Rust dynamic libraries

Alex Crichton alex at crichton.co
Fri Jul 11 12:15:31 PDT 2014

> LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not known about by many

The install.sh script now recommends adding an entry to this variable
if it detects that this is necessary, so it's not *entirely* unknown.
This doesn't help, however, if it's considered a bad practice.

> 1) Link dependencies of rustc statically to it?

For plugins to work, we're required to link libstd and friends
dynamically to rustc, so sadly we're require to link rustc itself

> 2) On Windows the folder of the executable is always searched for
> dependencies. Is this the case on Linux too? Then you could just let 'make
> install' copy everything next to rustc.

I do not believe that this is this case for linux or OSX, only for windows.

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