[rust-dev] [ANN] libcurl bindings for rust (HTTP client at this point)

Carl Lerche me at carllerche.com
Wed Jul 2 15:00:00 PDT 2014

Hey all,

I've been working on libcurl bindings for rust. So far, I've only been
focusing on HTTP support. The goal is to provide a fully functioning
HTTP client that robustly handles all the edge cases needed in the
real world. I'm not trying to build the world's most amazing HTTP
client for rust. I'm hoping that one day a pure rust option will fill
that need.

In the mean time, curl-rust will satisfy your needs.

In case you don't know, libcurl (http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/) is a
client-side URL transfer library supporting many, many protocols.
Hopefully, if anybody needs support for any of the other protocols
curl supports, I will see PRs for them!


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