[rust-dev] Rust 0.11.0 Released

Alex Crichton alex at crichton.co
Wed Jul 2 11:07:08 PDT 2014

Mozilla and the Rust community are pleased to announce version 0.11.0 of
the Rust compiler and tools. Rust is a systems programming language with a
focus on safety, performance and concurrency.

While this was a very active development cycle, it was largely focused on
polishing the type system and libraries. The major technical focuses this
time were implementing infrastructure for dynamically sized types and
refactoring the standard library. This release also marks the complete
removal of the `~` and `@` syntax in favor of library types `Box` and

The brief release notes are included in this announcement, and there is
further explanation in the detailed release [notes] on the wiki.
Documentation and all the links in this email are available on the
[website]. As usual, version 0.11.0 should be considered an alpha release,
suitable for early adopters and language enthusiasts. Please file [bugs]
and join the [fun].

[website]: http://www.rust-lang.org
[notes]: https://github.com/mozilla/rust/wiki/Doc-detailed-release-notes
[bugs]: https://github.com/mozilla/rust/issues
[fun]: https://github.com/mozilla/rust/wiki/Note-guide-for-new-contributors


* http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.11.0.tar.gz
  SHA256 (of .tar.gz):

Windows installer

* http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.11.0-install.exe
  SHA256 (of .exe):

Linux binary tarballs

* http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.11.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  SHA256 (of .tar.gz):

* http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.11.0-i686-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  SHA256 (of .tar.gz):

Mac OS X binary installers

* http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.11.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.pkg
  SHA256 (of .pkg):

* http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.11.0-i686-apple-darwin.pkg
  SHA256 (of .pkg):

Mac OS X binary tarballs

* http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.11.0-x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz
  SHA256 (of .tar.gz):

* http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.11.0-i686-apple-darwin.tar.gz
  SHA256 (of .tar.gz):

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

The Rust Team

Version 0.11.0 (July 2014)

  * ~1700 changes, numerous bugfixes

  * Language
    * ~[T] has been removed from the language. This type is superseded by
      the Vec<T> type.
    * ~str has been removed from the language. This type is superseded by
      the String type.
    * ~T has been removed from the language. This type is superseded by the
      Box<T> type.
    * @T has been removed from the language. This type is superseded by the
      standard library's std::gc::Gc<T> type.
    * Struct fields are now all private by default.
    * Vector indices and shift amounts are both required to be a `uint`
      instead of any integral type.
    * Byte character, byte string, and raw byte string literals are now all
      supported by prefixing the normal literal with a `b`.
    * Multiple ABIs are no longer allowed in an ABI string
    * The syntax for lifetimes on closures/procedures has been tweaked
      slightly: `<'a>|A, B|: 'b + K -> T`
    * Floating point modulus has been removed from the language; however it
      is still provided by a library implementation.
    * Private enum variants are now disallowed.
    * The `priv` keyword has been removed from the language.
    * A closure can no longer be invoked through a &-pointer.
    * The `use foo, bar, baz;` syntax has been removed from the language.
    * The transmute intrinsic no longer works on type parameters.
    * Statics now allow blocks/items in their definition.
    * Trait bounds are separated from objects with + instead of : now.
    * Objects can no longer be read while they are mutably borrowed.
    * The address of a static is now marked as insignificant unless the
      #[inline(never)] attribute is placed it.
    * The #[unsafe_destructor] attribute is now behind a feature gate.
    * Struct literals are no longer allowed in ambiguous positions such as
      if, while, match, and for..in.
    * Declaration of lang items and intrinsics are now feature-gated by
    * Integral literals no longer default to `int`, and floating point
      literals no longer default to `f64`. Literals must be suffixed with an
      appropriate type if inference cannot determine the type of the
    * The Box<T> type is no longer implicitly borrowed to &mut T.
    * Procedures are now required to not capture borrowed references.

  * Libraries
    * The standard library is now a "facade" over a number of underlying
      libraries. This means that development on the standard library should
      be speeder due to smaller crates, as well as a clearer line between
      all dependencies.
    * A new library, libcore, lives under the standard library's facade
      which is Rust's "0-assumption" library, suitable for embedded and
      kernel development for example.
    * A regex crate has been added to the standard distribution. This crate
      includes statically compiled regular expressions.
    * The unwrap/unwrap_err methods on Result require a Show bound for
      better error messages.
    * The return types of the std::comm primitives have been centralized
      around the Result type.
    * A number of I/O primitives have gained the ability to time out their
    * A number of I/O primitives have gained the ability to close their
      reading/writing halves to cancel pending operations.
    * Reverse iterator methods have been removed in favor of `rev()` on
      their forward-iteration counterparts.
    * A bitflags! macro has been added to enable easy interop with C and
      management of bit flags.
    * A debug_assert! macro is now provided which is disabled when
      `--cfg ndebug` is passed to the compiler.
    * A graphviz crate has been added for creating .dot files.
    * The std::cast module has been migrated into std::mem.
    * The std::local_data api has been migrated from freestanding functions
      to being based on methods.
    * The Pod trait has been renamed to Copy.
    * jemalloc has been added as the default allocator for types.
    * The API for allocating memory has been changed to use proper alignment
      and sized deallocation
    * Connecting a TcpStream or binding a TcpListener is now based on a
      string address and a u16 port. This allows connecting to a hostname as
      opposed to an IP.
    * The Reader trait now contains a core method, read_at_least(), which
      correctly handles many repeated 0-length reads.
    * The process-spawning API is now centered around a builder-style
      Command struct.
    * The :? printing qualifier has been moved from the standard library to
      an external libdebug crate.
    * Eq/Ord have been renamed to PartialEq/PartialOrd. TotalEq/TotalOrd
      have been renamed to Eq/Ord.
    * The select/plural methods have been removed from format!. The escapes
      for { and } have also changed from \{ and \} to {{ and }},
    * The TaskBuilder API has been re-worked to be a true builder, and
      extension traits for spawning native/green tasks have been added.

  * Tooling
    * All breaking changes to the language or libraries now have their
      commit message annotated with `[breaking-change]` to allow for easy
      discovery of breaking changes.
    * The compiler will now try to suggest how to annotate lifetimes if a
      lifetime-related error occurs.
    * Debug info continues to be improved greatly with general bug fixes and
      better support for situations like link time optimization (LTO).
    * Usage of syntax extensions when cross-compiling has been fixed.
    * Functionality equivalent to GCC & Clang's -ffunction-sections,
      -fdata-sections and --gc-sections has been enabled by default
    * The compiler is now stricter about where it will load module files
      from when a module is declared via `mod foo;`.
    * The #[phase(syntax)] attribute has been renamed to #[phase(plugin)].
      Syntax extensions are now discovered via a "plugin registrar" type
      which will be extended in the future to other various plugins.
    * Lints have been restructured to allow for dynamically loadable lints.
    * A number of rustdoc improvements:
      * The HTML output has been visually redesigned.
      * Markdown is now powered by hoedown instead of sundown.
      * Searching heuristics have been greatly improved.
      * The search index has been reduced in size by a great amount.
      * Cross-crate documentation via `pub use` has been greatly improved.
      * Primitive types are now hyperlinked and documented.
    * Documentation has been moved from static.rust-lang.org/doc to
    * A new sandbox, play.rust-lang.org, is available for running and
      sharing rust code examples on-line.
    * Unused attributes are now more robustly warned about.
    * The dead_code lint now warns about unused struct fields.
    * Cross-compiling to iOS is now supported.
    * Cross-compiling to mipsel is now supported.
    * Stability attributes are now inherited by default and no longer apply
      to intra-crate usage, only inter-crate usage.
    * Error message related to non-exhaustive match expressions have been
      greatly improved.

Contributors to Rust 0.11.0

Aaron Raimist <aaron at aaronraimist.com>
Aaron Turon <aturon at mozilla.com>
Adolfo Ochagavía <aochagavia92 at gmail.com>
Adrien Tétar <adri-from-59 at hotmail.fr>
Ahmed Charles <ahmedcharles at gmail.com>
Alan Andrade <alan.andradec at gmail.com>
Alan Williams <mralert at gmail.com>
Alex Crichton <alex at alexcrichton.com>
Alexandre Gagnon <alxgnon at gmail.com>
Alexei Sholik <alcosholik at gmail.com>
Ali Smesseim <smesseim.ali at gmail.com>
Andrew Gallant <jamslam at gmail.com>
Anton Löfgren <anton.lofgren at gmail.com>
Arcterus <Arcterus at mail.com>
Ariel Ben-Yehuda <arielb1 at mail.tau.ac.il>
Axel Viala <axel.viala at darnuria.eu>
Ben Noordhuis <info at bnoordhuis.nl>
Benjamin Adamson <adamson.benjamin at gmail.com>
Benjamin Herr <ben at 0x539.de>
Björn Steinbrink <bsteinbr at gmail.com>
Boris Egorov <jightuse at gmail.com>
Brandon Waskiewicz <brandon.waskiewicz at gmail.com>
Brendan McLoughlin <btmcloughlin at gmail.com>
Brendan Zabarauskas <bjzaba at yahoo.com.au>
Brian Anderson <banderson at mozilla.com>
Cameron Zwarich <zwarich at mozilla.com>
Chris Morgan <me at chrismorgan.info>
Chris Shea <cmshea at gmail.com>
Christoph Burgdorf <christoph.burgdorf at bvsn.org>
Christopher Bergqvist <spambox0 at digitalpoetry.se>
Christopher Kendell <ckendell at outlook.com>
Clark Gaebel <cg.wowus.cg at gmail.com>
Conrad Kleinespel <conradk at conradk.com>
Corey Richardson <corey at octayn.net>
Daniel Brooks <db48x at db48x.net>
Daniel Fagnan <dnfagnan at gmail.com>
Daniel Micay <danielmicay at gmail.com>
David Creswick <dcrewi at gyrae.net>
Derek Chiang (Enchi Jiang) <derekchiang93 at gmail.com>
Dirk Leifeld <leifeld at posteo.de>
Dmitry Promsky <dmitry at willworkforcookies.com>
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Falco Hirschenberger <hirschen at itwm.fhg.de>
Felix S. Klock II <pnkfelix at pnkfx.org>
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Florian Gilcher <florian.gilcher at asquera.de>
Florian Hartwig <florian.j.hartwig at gmail.com>
Florian Zeitz <florob at babelmonkeys.de>
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John Clements <clements at racket-lang.org>
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John Simon <john at johnsoft.com>
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