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Fri Jan 31 12:37:45 PST 2014

On Friday, January 31, 2014, Vladimir Lushnikov
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> There are some very interesting questions being raised here.

You quoted my question (perhaps unintentionally) but didn't answer it...

What algorithm do you use to resolve dependencies in a multi-versioned
world? For a world where you're searching (a DAG) for a set of mutually
compatible versions, toposort is an answer. But what about in a situation
where, based on a given set of constraints, you may or may not want to use
multiple versions of the same dependency?

Unless there's an answer to this question, I think the rustpkg versioning
model is a total nonstarter. I will also note that all major dependency
resolvers (e.g. maven, bundler, apt-get, yum) calculate solutions which
consist of one particular version for each package.

The "version compatibility is hard, let's go shopping!" school of thought
sounds nice in theory, but with nearly a decade of battle scars from
working with a system like that (RubyGems), my experience tells me it's a
terrible, terrible idea in practice...

Tony Arcieri
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