[rust-dev] "let mut" <-> "var"

Patrick Walton pcwalton at mozilla.com
Thu Jan 30 08:34:11 PST 2014

On 1/29/14 11:47 PM, Ziad Hatahet wrote:
> That's interesting. However, Scala's `val` is the equivalent of Java's
> `final`, and does not imply "total" immutability. For non-primitive
> types, it only means that the reference is fixed to being bound to a
> specific object. It does not mean that that object itself is immutable
> (unlike Rusts `let`, or C++'s `const*`/`const&`). It is better than
> nothing, but it does give a false sense of security at times. I really
> wish more languages adopted Rust's way of doing immutability (I think D
> does something similar); I wonder why it never caught on in the more
> popular languages.

Rust's immutability setup depends on uniqueness, which is fairly, well, 
unique to Rust. (C++ has something similar with auto_ptr and unique_ptr, 
but the compiler knows nothing about it and "const" predated those anyhow.)


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