[rust-dev] rustpkg error: "Package ____ depends on ____, but I don't know how to find it"

Philippe Delrieu philippe.delrieu at free.fr
Wed Jan 29 23:48:00 PST 2014

You're right I have to force the version of the crate to build : rustpkg 
build portmidi#0.1

Thanks Jan for your help. I don't put the trace because there no need now.


Le 29/01/2014 22:16, Matthew Thompson a écrit :
> This means your project did not compile but rustpkg ate the compiler 
> output for some reason. For me, the compiler failure was because 
> rustpkg build and rustpkg install were silently failing (actually, 
> falsely succeeding!) to move build artifacts around that had explicit 
> crate_id's in their lib.rs <http://lib.rs>. You see rustpkg claims to 
> have installed portmidi#0.0, but likely it has a crate_id other than 
> 0.0 on it, which causes rustpkg to fail to move it. When you run build 
> and install, and when you refer to crates with extern mod, you have to 
> include the pound sign and proper crate id for it to work. You can 
> verify rustpkg build and install are functioning by looking inside lib 
> for libraries and bin for binaries. I'm probably switching away from 
> rustpkg too, as it's always a guessing game with poor error reporting 
> and documentation. cargo-lite does everything my project needs, but 
> writing Makefiles is so easy for rust because of its simple build 
> model that I don't see many downsides to simply doing that.

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