[rust-dev] Deprecating rustpkg

Jan Niklas Hasse jhasse at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 29 13:13:23 PST 2014

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014, at 05:25 PM, Brian Anderson wrote:
> Hey again, Rusticians.
> So I think most of us know that rustpkg isn't quite working the way 
> people expect, and the general consensus seems to be that its flaws 
> extend pretty deep, to the point where it may just not be exposing the 
> right model. I'd like to deprecate it immediately to end the 
> frustrations people continue encountering with it, while we figure out 
> what to do with it.
> Having a good packaging story is critical for Rust's adoption, so I want 
> to keep pushing on this. I am looking into hiring a domain expert to 
> help us.
> Regards,
> Brian


I'm very shocked and also very much against removing it. I've just
started with Rust a few months ago and actually rustpkg was the thing
that I liked the most. I know it's buggy and unfinished, but at least
the idea looked wonderful to me. I REALLY dislike the C++ world, where
everyone uses another build tool and it's kinda hard to depend on other
peoples work.

Does the "general consensus" mean the Mozilla devs? This bugs me a
little, because I've been using rustpkg and also fixed some bugs of it
in the past weeks and now I hear for the first time that it's going away
anyway? Why not drop a line on a pull request for rustpkg like "Hey btw:
It's not clear if rustpkg is going to stay, so better not invest to much
time into it ;)". Would have saved me some days digging into rustpkg.

So is this decision already final? If not I would work on fixing some of
rustpkg problems in the next week. I think this shouldn't be done by
rewriting it. Most of the time a rewrite is the wrong thing do (remember

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