[rust-dev] Deprecating rustpkg

György Andrasek jurily at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 02:38:27 PST 2014

On 01/28/2014 10:33 AM, Lee Braiden wrote:
> I agree with this.  What I'd want is much more like apt (add
> repositories, update lists of available packages from those
> repositories, manage priorities between repositories, say that one
> repository should be preferred over another for a particular package,
> working in specific prefixes (/usr/local, /usr, /,
> ~/Projects/something-requiring-old-libs), but rust-specific and platform
> independent.

What you actually want is Paludis[0], which installs from source. I'd 
propose it as a standard Rust package manager, but it does have some 
serious flaws for that purpose:

- Designed as the package manager for a full Linux distro, so it wants 
to handle everything by itself. If you give it a build dependency on 
gcc, it'll want to maintain the entire toolchain.
- No Windows support.
- Hard dependency on `bash`.

That said, it has solved a serious number of PM problems we should learn 

- Completely build system agnostic. All tooling is done in bash 
libraries called `exheres`, with an infinite number of customization 
hooks from patching to post-install. Can build everything from glibc to 
- Separate set of build and run dependencies, with configurable install 
root: you can (probably) bootstrap an embedded Linux with it.
- Metadata lives in a number of git repos you can cherry-pick. Creating 
your own is *easy*.
- Some support for external package sources, like Hackage.
- Fast[1] dependency handling including cycles and both global and local 
keywords: `doc` pulls in the doc build tools, `bash_completion` installs 
relevant extra files, `texture-float` enables patented code in mesa.
- Installing from source control.
- All user-facing configuration is done in /etc/paludis, where you can 
apply keywords, CFLAGS, mirrors, scm options, mask/unmask packages etc. 
on a per-package per-version basis with globs and stuff.

tl;dr If you want to design a package manager, bootstrap an Exherbo[2] 

[0]: http://paludis.exherbo.org/overview/features.html
[2]: http://exherbo.org/
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