[rust-dev] Gating Rust commits on Android testing

Brian Anderson banderson at mozilla.com
Mon Jan 27 17:09:48 PST 2014

Hey Rustlers.

I've just instructed our friendly bot, bors, to start rejecting pull 
requests that don't pass the test suite on Android. This has been a long 
time coming, but from now on our Android support should be much more 
consistent. This will make it incrementally harder to land certain types 
of changes, but for the most part I don't expect it to be a huge burden 
- it's mostly harder for people working on the runtime, who will now 
occassionally need to break out the emulator.

Note that I am still not considering Android to be a 'tier 1' platform 
(not that we have a clear definition of what that means anyway), but it 
is an important platform for both Rust and Servo.

Thank's for your patience over the next few days while we shake out the 


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