[rust-dev] Reminder: Rust Bay Area meetup tomorrow

Erick Tryzelaar erick.tryzelaar at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 15:13:20 PST 2014

Good afternoon Rusties,

I wanted to remind everyone of the next Rust Bay Area meetup tomorrow at
the San Francisco Mozilla office. We still have plenty of spots left
available if you want to join us. On the agenda is:

* Brian will talk about Rust 0.9 and the roadmap to 1.0
* Niko will talk about his plans for Dynamically Sized Types, or DST
* Corey Richardson will present remotely about his Rust-themed cake, as
well as his toy OS and his experience with evangelizing Rust.
* And finally Kevin Ballard will present his safe Lua bindings.

You can find more details at our meetup page:


For those who are remote, you can watch the meetup live on Air Mozilla:


Thanks, and I hope you can make it!


PS: I'm always looking for presenters local or remote, so please let me
know if you want to present something.
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