[rust-dev] Rust to JS (minor changes)

Bilal Husain bilal at bilalhusain.com
Tue Jan 21 04:55:21 PST 2014

I have added basic let destructuring so that the `lexer.rs` transpiles
completely and it works for the HEAD[1] at the moment (I am working on
last year's copy). Earlier, few statements in `mod test` block were
not supported.

I will now work on accuracy and functionality of the generated code,
so that lexer.rs can be automatically translated to a working
JavaScript code with minimum hints and glue code.

Again, I have tested on Firefox 26 only.

[1] https://raw.github.com/mozilla/rust/master/src/libsyntax/parse/lexer.rs

On 15/01/2014, Bilal Husain <bilal at bilalhusain.com> wrote:
> http://bilalhusain.com/rust-lexer/transpile.html
> thoughts?

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