[rust-dev] Exporting macros: #[macro_escape] usage

Vladimir Matveev dpx.infinity at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 23:50:15 PST 2014

I thought so :)
By the way, isn't one of the latest pull requests (the one about
loadable syntax extensions) provide a solution to this problem? It has
this particular snippet in its explanation:

macro_rules! exported_macro (() => (2))

Which suggests that macros can now be exported.

2014/1/20 John Clements <clements at brinckerhoff.org>:
> On Jan 11, 2014, at 12:15 AM, Vladimir Matveev wrote:
>> Oh, thanks. It does work now. Are macro scoping rules documented
>> somewhere except the compiler source code?
> As the author of the macro_escape hack: no, I don't believe it's documented.
> John Clements

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