[rust-dev] sandboxing Rust?

Huon Wilson dbau.pp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 19:30:27 PST 2014

On 19/01/14 14:23, Jack Moffitt wrote:
>> Rust's safety model is not intended to prevent untrusted code from
>> doing evil things.
> We'd like something like this for Servo, but I think the idea was to
> see if we couldn't use NaCl to do this kind of sandboxing. The NaCl
> devs seemed to think this might be interesting as well.
> jack.
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Isn't the "correct" way to do this to use the OS's security features?

FWIW, https://github.com/mozilla/rust/issues/6811 covers allowing 
spawning tasks as sandboxed tasks, and strcat wrote up something about 
sandboxing on Linux for Servo: 


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