[rust-dev] RFC: Future of the Build System

Maciej Piechotka uzytkownik2 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 14:00:53 PST 2014

Lee Braiden <leebraid at ...> writes:

> On 14/01/14 23:49, Jan Niklas Hasse wrote:
> > I disagree! rustpkg should handle dependencies for building a rust
> > package. It can automatically know which packages are needed from
> > "extern mod" etc. apt-get and others are just unsuited for this.
> >
> But that is exactly my point.  Only Rust developers / tools / community 
> know that information, so we should make it available to others.
> If you're trying to say, though, that we should hide that information so 
> we can control builds, I think that simply WON'T work WELL.  Sure, it 
> can work, but there will be package conflicts; you will be making 
> people's lives harder.

Possibly an useful note - in Gentoo there is tool to automatically
create ebuilds (read for simplicity - packages[1]) for Haskell
programs/libraries using cabal. The only thing you need is replace the
library names with packages name if the library is a binding to one.
Because there is a central repository (hackage) creation of package for
an application/library is as easy as:

% hackport app-editor/yi # Creates a 'package'
% emerge app-editor/yi # Installs a package

Or bindings:

% hackport dev-haskell/llvm-base # Creates a 'package'
% vim dev-haskell/llvm-base/llvm-base-<version>.ebuild
% emerge app-editor/yi # Installs a package

This picks ups all the changes, allows to select options (listed by
reading cabal files) etc. On the other hand cmake/autotools packages
require a bit more work.
(Some packages require further patching as authors assumed for example
that it'll be installed in /usr/local, or don't respect DESTDIR etc.)

For that reason I guess there would be benefit in having a single tool
which would make things uniform (say - rustpkg) as anyone maintaining a
rust repor for <insert your distribution here> would have just one tool
to work with instead of reading README file.

PS. Sorry if it double posted but gmane refused to send mail via NNTP
asking me to subscribe to this list even though I'm subscribe...

[1] This is a BIG lie for children but I don't want to explain it at
this moment

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