[rust-dev] OSX install package for rust 0.9

Olivier Lemaire olivier.lemaire at me.com
Thu Jan 16 02:40:36 PST 2014


I did an OSX install package for rust 0.9 to allow easy deployment/spreading of rust on OSX machines. 
This helped me to install rust on more than one (OSX) station without having to compile rust from source each time.
utils, libs and man page installed in /usr/local/

You can find the package (build) for OSX 10.9 (Maverick) there: https://github.com/olemaire/rust-osx
You’ll find also the Apple package manager “source” to rebuild that kind of package for your own use. 

I plan to continue making/commiting install packages for the upcoming releases (rust/osx) - but I cannot do the job for nightlies rust builds. 

Hope this could help some anyway
Any feedback welcome.


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