[rust-dev] RFC: Future of the Build System

George Makrydakis irrequietus at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 02:17:06 PST 2014

As Corey Richardson already said, the threads in these posts are deviating from their intended purpose.

Can we talk again about what the system used for building the Rust compiler and standard library should eventually be ?

It is as if we are discussing several, unrelated issues at once.

Robert Knight <robertknight at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Probably 100 lines of python, plus templates; a bit more to make it
>highly usable.  Not sure what the equivalent would be in Rust code, as
>I'm still fairly new to it.
>Maybe the initial version - then you add logic to deal with different
>versions of Xcode/Visual Studio etc, then some more logic to find
>different packages that rust requires to build on a multitude of
>systems etc. etc.
>Sometimes you can get away writing something new and simple that just
>deals with your use case (building Rust here). The problem is if you
>end up with lots of feature creep re-discovering all the knowledge
>that is encoded in existing tools - eg. the many modules for config
>checks, locating packages etc. that come with CMake, automake, SCons
>By all means, have a go at writing that initial version and see how
>well it serves you - but be prepared to switch if it looks like you
>are re-inventing something that already exists.
>On 21 October 2013 12:43, George Makrydakis <irrequietus at gmail.com>
>> This is why I am reserving commentation right now and have been
>> asking about Rust providing a build system in all other emails.  Can
>> other commenters refocus with the rest of us back to the original
>> Corey Richardson <corey at octayn.net> wrote:
>>> On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Lee Braiden <leebraid at gmail.com>
>>>>  Another point is that we don't really need a massively complicated
>>>> "build
>>>>  system" right now, as far as I know.
>>>>  I don't know rust well yet, but it's a two-line script to load
>this data
>>>>  (excluding comments).  Another few lines to figure out whether to
>>>> a
>>>>  library or an executable, another few to run rustc with the list
>>>> files,
>>>>  OR to output that list to a Makefile, or a CMakeList.txt, or an
>>>> project
>>>>  file.
>>> This thread is deviating from its purpose. The idea isn't to hash
>>> a generic build system for all of Rust, merely for the compiler +
>>> stdlib.
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