[rust-dev] RFC: Future of the Build System

Lee Braiden leebraid at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 15:54:06 PST 2014

On 14/01/14 23:43, Corey Richardson wrote:
> This thread is deviating from its purpose. The idea isn't to hash out 
> a generic build system for all of Rust, merely for the compiler + stdlib. 

I think it naturally progressed, because some people wanted to discuss a 
more generic solution.

But fair enough... if the only goal is to build rust, I've very little 
preference, except to say:

Please choose something cross-platform that's as standard as possible, 
and leads to builds as simple as "make" or "configure && make" or 
something along those lines.

At the outside, CMake's "cmake -G 'Unix Makefiles' etc. is tolerable 
(for me), in the name of supporting IDE users.


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