[rust-dev] RFC: Future of the Build System

Lee Braiden leebraid at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 15:07:02 PST 2014

On 14/01/14 22:51, Gaetan wrote:
> you cannot stick build environment with one system. apt is now on 
> every system, you cannot use it under windows or mac.

I think you're misunderstanding me.  I don't favor debian in any way.  I 
would like debian people (and windows people, and mac people, and BSD 
people, and cloud deployment people, etc.) to be able to use Rust 
packages in whatever why they choose, though.

> and apt source simply checkout the source zip from repository, this is 
> not a proper build system.

This is getting off topic, but no, apt-get source builds source code 
that's already been patched with package information. It's exactly how 
debian builds its packages for general use.

> package management is one job and build is another one. you will use 
> another package management on another system, while you expect to use 
> the same build system on another system.

That's true IF your package manager only supports third-party binaries.  
However, if your package manager includes some build process, as most 
emphatically DO, then I believe that's incorrect.

However, I understand that you're saying we shouldn't rely on particular 
package managers.  That is NOT my intention -- just the opposite :)

> in my experience, i ended up quite often with some bash script for 
> unix like systems that generates some makefiles or trigs cmake/cpack, 
> visual studio or eclipse projects for windows.
> the only portable build system i used was cmake, which exists under 
> windows mac and unit, with ctest and cpack, even if there are quite 
> limited. And there were a lot of "if windows..."

Yes, this is what I'm saying :)

> But, i tend to NOT recommend cmake if the final goal is to be 
> integrated into systems like debian.

The final goal would be to allow every distro, every operating system, 
every continuous integration system, every shell script, every cloud 
image builder, every mobile phone developer, and custom OS writer,  do 
work with Rust packages in whatever way suits them best.


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