[rust-dev] RFC: Future of the Build System

Jan Niklas Hasse jhasse at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 06:46:43 PST 2014

2014/1/10 Corey Richardson <corey at octayn.net>:
> 3. Write a build system in Rust.
> This would take care of everything for us, using ourselves. We'd have
> a small script fetch the snapshot and build the build system, and then
> hand off the rest of the build to it. This has the advantage of one
> less build-time dependency, but the disadvantage that it's going to be
> a lot of work. This could also potentially output tup, ninja[3], or
> another form of build script after taking configuration options and
> so-forth. It could also integrate with librustc for smart handling of
> comments-or-test-only changes, an issue near to my heart[4]. This
> build system could potentially be rustpkg, but as I understand it the
> current idea is to *remove* rustpkg's ability as a build system and
> keep it as a package manager. (At least, that is what I've understood
> of recent discussion; this could be wrong.)

Do you have any links of those discussions? I'm new to the mailing list.

IMHO rustpkg should keep the ability of a build system. Lots of work
has already been put into it and why rewrite that?

I think this rust-written build tool should be rustpkg.

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