[rust-dev] Call for central external packages repository

Gaetan gaetan at xeberon.net
Mon Jan 13 02:43:26 PST 2014


I know this question has been debated, however I'd like to highly recommend
to give a clean infrastructure to register, list, search and describe
external libraries developed by everyone.

For instance, how do I know which http server lib should I use for rust 0.9?

This mailing list is quite good for announcing new package, but not for
find existing project that might have solved a given problem before me.


This is the main candidate for this job, however I find it quite difficult
to find which project does what. It miss a "one line project description"
column. Its main purpose seem to watch for this set of projects still
compile against the master git branch, but there are other lib that are not
listed here.

I would recommend a central repository web site, working like pypi or other
community based repo, that would stimulate user contribution.

Such central repository would provide the following features:
- hierarchical project organisation (look at
- provide clean forms to submit, review, publish, vote project
- clealy display which version of rust compiler (0.8, 0.9, master,...) this
lib is validated. For master, this would be linked to rust-ci. I also like
the idea of having automatic rust-ci validation for rust 0.8, 0.9,... Maybe
with several level of validation: compile validated, peer/administrator
validated, recommended,...
- good search form. This is how users look for a given project
- popular project. I tend to choose a project over its popularity. The more
"popular" a project is, or the more downloads count a lib have, the more I
think it will be actively maintained or more stable than the others.
- clear project dependency listing
- be promoted by rust homepage (repo.rust.org? rustpkg.rust.org,...?), so
any lambda user can easy find it

At first sight, I think we could just extending rust-ci to do this,
reoriented for package listing for a given rust version, by adding new
pages "package index for 0.9" with just a project name column ("rust-http"
and not "chris-morgan/rust-http <https://github.com/chris-morgan/rust-http>")
and a description column (extracted from github project description?.. this
also force to have to be on github for any project?). And what about
tarball or non github project?

What do you think about this idea? I am interested on working on this
matter, but would like to have your opinion on it.

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