[rust-dev] Appeal for CORRECT, capable, future-proof math, pre-1.0

Diggory Hardy lists at dhardy.name
Sat Jan 11 03:51:57 PST 2014

There is static analysis (i.e. determine ahead of time exactly what values 
variables may take), but it's certainly not a panacea: the analysis step is 
slow (probably too slow to fully integrate into a compiler), not everything 
can be solved, and most existing solvers are not free software as far as I am 

It could perhaps be used for a little optimisation and for proofs that overflow 
doesn't occur in some cases, but integrating a static analysis system with a 
compiler would be no easy task. Leon is the most advanced version I'm aware of 
(though it's not really my field): http://lara.epfl.ch/w/leon

On Saturday 11 January 2014 11:18:41 Marijn Haverbeke wrote:
> I am not aware of an efficient way to provide
> automatic-overflow-to-bignum semantics in a non-garbage-collected
> language, without also imposing the burden of references/move
> semantics/etc on users of small integers. I.e. integers, if they may
> hold references to allocated memory can no longer sanely be considered
> a simple value type, which doesn't seem like it'd be a good idea for
> Rust.
> If there is a good solution to this, I'd love to find out about it.
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