[rust-dev] general onlookers questions on rust development

Don Question donquestion at rocketmail.com
Fri Jan 10 14:38:49 PST 2014

Congrats to 0.9!

I'm coming from a C/C++/Python background and was loosely following the 
progress of Rust
for quite a while now, but never tried it until yesterday.

I must admit i'm quite pleased so far, but i have some question, which i 
hope you could
help to clarify.

1. I miss a search functionality on the mailing list. Am i just blind, 
or do i have to
use google with the "site:" option?

2. I'm used to curly braces, but every time i have to code in C or 
JavaScript i miss the
better readability of python's curly-free syntax. What was the reason to 
keep the (imho:
annoying) curly braces? I must confess i was a little bit taken aback by 
the first
sentence on rust-lang.org: "Rust is a curly-brace, ..."

3. If i wanted to use Rust instead of C for external Python-Modules, 
what would be my
options to achieve that? Could i use ctypes and Rust's "extern"?

4. Why is the BSD implementation almost 3 times faster then the linux 
and mac-versions ?

5. When will we see a Rust version of the Linux kernel? Just joking! ;-) 
Keep up the good

Thx and regards,
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