[rust-dev] 0.9 prerelease testing

Jack Moffitt jack at metajack.im
Wed Jan 8 22:53:30 PST 2014

> We've got a little 0.9 release candidate here. I've given it the most
> cursory test, but if you have the inclination go ahead and install these on
> your system of choice and see how it fares. These days we generally claim to
> support Mac OS X 10.6+, Windows 7 and 2008 RC2, a variety of Linuxes, and
> Android, but the intrepid may have luck on other platforms as well. If
> things go reasonably well with this RC then we'll sign and tag and release
> it to the world tomorrow.

Servo is moving almost to this version and it's been working pretty
well even with lightly mixed native and green tasks. Debugging in
particular seems much improved (except on OS X 10.9 where Apple has
removed gdb).

Some of my favorite things from 0.9 are the dead code warnings and the
almost total removal of the option dance. Servo's code gets a little
cleaner every time we move Rust forward.

Happy testing!

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