[rust-dev] Configuration files library for Rust

Patrick Walton pwalton at mozilla.com
Sat Jan 4 12:45:12 PST 2014

I would love to have a TOML parser. I've always had a bit of a fondness for the INI format, despite its limitations, and TOML looks like the best of both worlds (the expressivity of JSON and the simplicity and readability of INI).

Benchmarks of TOML parsing would be fun too :)


Michael Neumann <mneumann at ntecs.de> wrote:
>Am 04.01.2014 21:30, schrieb Tony Arcieri:
>> On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 12:26 PM, Gaetan <gaetan at xeberon.net 
>> <mailto:gaetan at xeberon.net>> wrote:
>>     I m interessed on having your feedback on json and yaml vs toml
>>     for instance.
>> JSON is ugly and token-ridden for configuration files. Having worked 
>> with tools that use it for this purpose, I find the configuration
>> to read. Then there's the issue of comments, which are particularly 
>> important for configuration files. Some things have adopted JS-style 
>> comments for this purpose, but that's technically not standard JSON.
>> YAML's problem is indentation errors can turn into configuration 
>> errors, and they're incredibly tricky to spot. I've run into cases 
>> where we didn't spot problems until we deployed to production because
>> the "production" section of a configuration file was misindented.
>And, I think it's pretty hard to write a YAML parser. The spec is
>extensive. Whereas a TOML or INI parser, you can hack within a few
>   Michael
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