[rust-dev] Configuration files library for Rust

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Sat Jan 4 10:00:27 PST 2014

Am 04.01.2014 18:38, schrieb Corey Richardson:
> oslo.config looks decent. On some projects I've worked on, we started
> out using INI files but found them severely lacking once we wanted to
> extend the options. We ended up using libconfig[0], which I think is
> an excellent library. In multibuilder[1], we use extra::serialize to
> load a config directly into the struct we'll be using. It's super
> convenient, but a bit unfortunate in that it's impossible to make a
> field truly optional (Option<T> requires the field to be null, iirc).
> [0] http://www.hyperrealm.com/libconfig/
> [1] https://github.com/huonw/multibuilder/blob/master/main.rs#L68

There is also TOML [1], an extended version of the INI config file format,
which is used by a variety of languages.

[1]: https://github.com/mojombo/toml



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