[rust-dev] Using CMake with Rust

Joshua Rodgers bytemr at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 12:42:59 PST 2014

As an active user of CMake for several C++ projects that I maintain I would
be fully on board with first class CMake support by rust. I know a lot of
people want rustpkg to be the primary tool, but I feel like it is better
fit for small projects and libraries. Rustpkg is definitely useful for
smaller projects and for libraries. What I'd like to see is something for
managing project dependencies that can be used with any build system like
CMake or rustpkg.

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 8:22 AM, Gaetan <gaetan at xeberon.net> wrote:

> I used cmake for years and was quite happy with it, so a support of cmake
> is welcomed. I recommend have it "officially" integrated into rust, along
> with some other popular toolsets (scon, bare makefiles, visual studio,...).
> Even if VS can derive from cmake. This is a strategic added value to have
> it provided by the language.
> I also would like to add I find this complementary to rust-pkg. For simple
> project, this latter might do the job, but for very complex projects, a
> full featured build system might be used, so let's have it seamlessly
> integrated into rust.
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> Gaetan
> 2014/1/2 SiegeLord <slabode at aim.com>
>> On 01/02/2014 12:05 AM, György Andrasek wrote:
>>> The proper way to support a language in CMake is outlined in
>>> `Modules/CMakeAddNewLanguage.txt`:
>> I was guided away from that method by this email: http://www.cmake.org/
>> pipermail/cmake/2011-March/043444.html . My approach is amenable to
>> generating files for alternative build systems, like ninja. If you are
>> aware that that email is incorrect, I'm glad to be corrected. Independently
>> of that email, I have looked into doing it that way, but I found that it
>> just did not mesh with the Rust compilation model, and I saw no clear way
>> to using the information given by 'rustc --dep-info' to inform the build
>> system. Additionally, my macros allow an easy way of doing documentation
>> generation, which that method doesn't clearly allow.
>> I'll be glad to be corrected on all those points though.
>> -SL
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