[rust-dev] Using CMake with Rust

Gaetan gaetan at xeberon.net
Thu Jan 2 07:22:17 PST 2014

I used cmake for years and was quite happy with it, so a support of cmake
is welcomed. I recommend have it "officially" integrated into rust, along
with some other popular toolsets (scon, bare makefiles, visual studio,...).
Even if VS can derive from cmake. This is a strategic added value to have
it provided by the language.

I also would like to add I find this complementary to rust-pkg. For simple
project, this latter might do the job, but for very complex projects, a
full featured build system might be used, so let's have it seamlessly
integrated into rust.


2014/1/2 SiegeLord <slabode at aim.com>

> On 01/02/2014 12:05 AM, György Andrasek wrote:
>> The proper way to support a language in CMake is outlined in
>> `Modules/CMakeAddNewLanguage.txt`:
> I was guided away from that method by this email: http://www.cmake.org/
> pipermail/cmake/2011-March/043444.html . My approach is amenable to
> generating files for alternative build systems, like ninja. If you are
> aware that that email is incorrect, I'm glad to be corrected. Independently
> of that email, I have looked into doing it that way, but I found that it
> just did not mesh with the Rust compilation model, and I saw no clear way
> to using the information given by 'rustc --dep-info' to inform the build
> system. Additionally, my macros allow an easy way of doing documentation
> generation, which that method doesn't clearly allow.
> I'll be glad to be corrected on all those points though.
> -SL
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