[rust-dev] Travis CI is building Pull Requests

Alex Crichton acrichton at mozilla.com
Sat Feb 22 23:58:05 PST 2014

Greetings Rustafarians!

As of a few minutes ago, along with the merging of #12437, I would
like to inform everyone that we're now going to be building all Pull
Requests on Travis CI [1]. Travis is a continuous integration system
which integrates very well with Github and makes it fairly easy to run
lots of builds.

Running a full "make check" would be quite burdensome for Travis, so
we're limiting it to building a stage1 rustc and then running some of
the broader, yet quick test suites. These builds should take about
20-30 minutes per build, and builds will be triggered for each new PR
along with each force-push to the PR.

We will continue to gate all PRs on bors, and bors will continue to
run the exhaustive test suites on our "tier 1" platforms. Using Travis
will hopefully provide quicker feedback about misformatted files,
failed tests, typos, etc. It is still highly recommended to run "make
check" before submitting a PR (as always), but Travis will hopefully
start serving as a first line of defense for bors. The ultimate goal
is for this to take some load off bors with fewer failed PRs.

You can check the status of a PR by looking at the bottom of the page
on Github, or visiting Travis's status page [2].

That's all for now, keep on being awesome everyone!

[1] - https://travis-ci.org/
[2] - https://travis-ci.org/mozilla/rust

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