[rust-dev] The rustpkg source lives on

Huon Wilson dbau.pp at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 06:13:13 PST 2014

Hi all,

Some people have expressed unhappiness that rustpkg was removed rather 
than fixed, so I've extracted the last rustpkg source from mozilla/rust 
and thrown it up on github[1], keeping the git history.

I'm personally not planning on doing any particular work on it, but I 
have copied the docs in, as well as activated travis (just building it, 
no tests, for now; and not on Rust CI yet either); and am going to 
attempt to copy the issues tagged A-pkg across from mozilla/rust.

If anyone is interested in working on it (or thinks they may be possibly 
interested at some point), feel free to contact me to be added to the 
organisation. If there are people interested in being a 
leader/coordinator of some sort, that would be very nice... since I'm 
not going to be filling that role.

[1]: https://github.com/rustpkg/rustpkg


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