[rust-dev] Ideas to build Rust projects

John Mija jon.mb at proinbox.com
Sat Apr 19 02:36:36 PDT 2014

Sometimes, developers need ideas or cool projects to be inspired. Here 
you have some ones, please share some more.

+ Implementation of the Raft distributed consensus protocol. It will 
allow to build distributed systems

Implementations in Go:

+ Key-value embedded database

LDBM was built as backend for OpenLDAP, but it is being used in many 
projects. The benchmarks (LevelDB, Kyoto TreeDB, LDBM, BerkeleyDB, 
SQLite3) show that it is faster for read operations, although it's 
something slower than LevelDB for writing.


There is a pure Go key/value store inspired by the LMDB project:

+ Terminal portable

Today, to access to a terminal in Unix or windows, you need to provide 
an interface. The great issue is that Unix terminal and Windows console 
have different APIs, so it's very hard to get a portable API for each 

Instead, could be created a terminal from scratch handling all in low 
level (without using the Windows API).

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