[rust-dev] Rust testsuite

Philip Herron redbrain at gcc.gnu.org
Fri Oct 25 13:30:06 PDT 2013

Hey all,

I stumbled across rust at pycon ie 2013 and i've been hooked on learning
more about it since. And so i thought i would give a go at writing a
compiler for it so i've got:


Its a rust front-end to GCC and it compiles hello-world so far after about
a week and a bit of development. I think its a fun exercise i think rust
would target well on gcc. But anyways i was wondering the testsuite i was
hoping i could maybe copy it into my sources for my testsuite but not sure
if there is some sort of license thing or something that might be bad or

I mean tbh i dont really understand open source licenses even though gccrs
is a toy its under the gplv3 does that mean i could copy your testsuite or

Anyways i am really excited about rust i hope to find some way i can
contribute back thanks.

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