[rust-dev] 0.6 prerelease testing

Brian Anderson banderson at mozilla.com
Sat Mar 30 23:26:25 PDT 2013


Here's a prerelease build of Rust 0.6:


With sha256's:


It's about time for 0.6, and it looks like all the critical features are 
in, so we've got a build ready for testing. This is _not_ a signed 
release, just a candidate. If you have some spare cycles please give 
this an install and report whether it does what you expect. If all goes 
well we will release 0.6 in the next few days.

Our new integration process with bors has been keeping the tree 
consistently green so I feel much more confident in this release than 
previous ones. We mostly want to prove that the install works on 
platforms we tend to support (OS X 10.6+, various Linuxes, and Windows 7 
& 2008) and the compiler generally behaves as expected, considering the 
various known issues. If you have fixes or features you are passionate 
about then now is the time to confirm they are working as intended. We 
are doing time based releases though, so there's no need to sweat the 
small things - there will be another one in a few months.


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