[rust-dev] RFC: Namespace enum variants under the enum

Patrick Walton pwalton at mozilla.com
Fri Mar 22 16:51:20 PDT 2013

Hi everyone,

It's been proposed that we place enum variants under the enum itself. 
That is:

     enum Option<T> {

Would be accessed as:

     fn main() {
         let x = Option::None;

The advantages of this are:

* Rust programmers very frequently generate ad-hoc prefixes to group 
variants under their namespaces. Prefixes seem to me to be the sincerest 
form of feature request for namespaces. (See Objective-C or Gecko 
`NSFoo`, GLib `g_`, etc.)

* You can get the old behavior with `use` or `pub use`.

* Other modules can import all variants belonging to an enum by simply 
writing (say) `use option::Option::*;`. This is a common thing to want 
and would, for example, eliminate all the `use obsolete::{ObsoleteFoo, 
ObsoleteBar, ...}` cruft in `parser.rs`. Note that Haskell introduced 
special notation for this into their `import` statements.

* C++11 went the direction of enum variant namespacing with `enum 
class`. I worry we may be making the same mistake that led them to 
introduce two incompatible versions of enums.

* This may clean up the `use core::option::Option` stuttering in the 
`option` module (and in a few related cases, like `std::list::List`). 
Instead of having types like `std::option::Option`, variants like 
`std::option::None`, and methods like `std::option::Option::is_none`, we 
could have simply `std::Option`, `std::Option::None`, and 
`std::Option::is_none` respectively. This seems to read nicer.

The disadvantages are:

* `::` will show up for many casual uses of enums. e.g.

     enum Color { Red, Green, Blue }
     fn main() {
         let x = Color::Red;
         match x {
             Color::Red => ...
             Color::Green => ...
             Color::Blue => ...

Thoughts? This would be a very late-stage change that will break pretty 
much all Rust code in existence, and it has disadvantages, but the 
advantages seem compelling enough to consider it...


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