[rust-dev] Text encoding

Kang Seonghoon someone at mearie.org
Mon Jul 29 11:17:28 PDT 2013

Wow, it *is* indeed a coincidence: I'm also working on the character
encoding library.


Although this one is much more sophiscated that it supports an API for
error detection and recovery. I'm not sure the whole library merits
the inclusion however, as CJK needs several hundreds of kilobytes of
data which is certainly duplicated with the system library. I would
prefer the character encoding interface (`src/types.rs`) included in
`std` however.

2013/7/30 Fredrik Håård <fredrik at haard.se>:
> I wrote an implementation of text encoding/decoding for ISO*<->Unicode
> in Rust, available here: https://github.com/haard/rust-codecs
> I use approximately the same technique as the cpython implementation,
> and it works by parsing unicode.org specifications and generating Rust
> source; a charmap for each encoding and a codecs.rs which can be used
> to encode/decode text.
> The implementation depends on std::unicode being public, which it is
> not right now.
> Although it is in need of cleanup, more than the single naive
> testcase, and adding stream handling etc to the API, since I got a
> working version (aka the fun part), I thought it best to ask if an
> implementation along those lines could be considered for inclusion? If
> so I'll dedicate some time to clean it up, otherwise I'll find
> something else to work on instead.
> Regards,
> fredrik
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